Forgotten Coffee

Hey hey, crafty people! Hope your morning started better than mine. I left for work and forgot my coffee. I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of brewing my own, because it tastes better than the kcups at work and I don’t have time or money for Wawa coffee or Starbucks every morning.…… Continue reading Forgotten Coffee


There has been much progress over the weekend. On Saturday, I got in some great car knitting as Dez drove us to a Japanese supermarket shopping center, Mitsuwa, that we enjoy. It’s a long drive. I powered through a good chunk of the color 3 section on my 3 Color Shawl, before stuffing my face…… Continue reading Progress!

Anyone seen my crochet mojo?

I’ve been mostly knitting lately (well, only knitting lately), on two projects: a 3 Color Cashmere shawl (mine isn’t cashmere), and a Nor’easter cardigan. I’ve also cast on a pair of Indigo Leaves socks, because I need to do ALL the podcast KALs apparently. All of this knitting has been monopolizing my craft time, leaving…… Continue reading Anyone seen my crochet mojo?

Recipe Review: Mama Knows Gluten Free Banana Bread

Baking is crafty, so here we go! I was in the mood for baking something this weekend, and there were bananas going ripe too quickly on my counter, so banana seemed obvious. I found a simple version of gluten free banana bread on I found this via a google search, along with a paleo…… Continue reading Recipe Review: Mama Knows Gluten Free Banana Bread

Yarn, Mead and Drunken Bees

Yesterday was a fun-filled adventure at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire! Dez and I go every year, and I have been going somewhat regularly ever since my Oma took my brother and I to the Ren Faire when we were little. Yes, there is dress-up involved, I am that kind of geek. It was Pirate weekend,…… Continue reading Yarn, Mead and Drunken Bees

When you wish you had kept it…

Have you ever wished that you had kept something that you had made and gifted away? Not because the recipient was ungrateful or lost the hat that you made them. Twice. But because that thing you made and gifted away was AWESOME, and you wanted it for yourself. When I was in college I made…… Continue reading When you wish you had kept it…

Irrational Fears of Knitting and Crocheting

In no particular order… 1. Patterns with charts 2. Going to your first Stitch & Bitch meeting 3. Lace and/or laceweight yarn 4. Colorwork 5. Cables 5.a. Cables without a cable needle (MADNESS!) 6. Your first garment (it’ll prob be a baby sweater) 7. Your first garment for you (whip out that tape measure for…… Continue reading Irrational Fears of Knitting and Crocheting

The Dilemma of Gifted Yarn

If you knit or crochet long enough, you may end up receiving yarn as gifts from friends or family. This can be wonderful if those people know what brands you like to craft with and/or your preferred color palette. But it can also present an awkward situation for you if the yarn you’ve been gifted…… Continue reading The Dilemma of Gifted Yarn

Year of the Frog

I am writing this during breaks between undertaking a very unsavory task. One that sometimes can be satisfying, depending on the circumstances. Circumstances such as the top-down knee high socks that I attempted back in 2014, which made it as far as two attempts at the cuff before I tossed it into hibernation. I finally…… Continue reading Year of the Frog

Stitch & Bitch groups

They are a wonderful thing, being surrounded by other people who share your “weird” obsession with all things yarn. They get you out of the house on a semi-regular basis. Your fellow crafters can be a source of inspiration, encouragement, and knowledge. But what if you just don’t click with the other S&B members? You…… Continue reading Stitch & Bitch groups