A bad case of startitis…

Welcome! Today marks the beginning of another project: a craft blog.

Every once in while I get in a mood where I spent a couple hours on Ravelry picking through my queue and my stash, and wanting to start about a dozen projects at once. You should have seen my desk about a week ago. There’s still yarn and needles piled up EVERYWHERE. I somewhat blame the Fall KAL that Joji Locatelli is currently running. Somehow I managed to convince myself to focus on just ONE pattern for the past two weeks. I’m amazed. But there was something still kind of nagging at the back of my mind. Something knitting and crochet related, but not necessarily a new cast-on.

I have been thinking about it for a while now, getting back into a more involved online presence. And right now you’re probably thinking “more involved online presence? I’ve never even heard of you!” Don’t worry, you wouldn’t have heard of me before unless you know what Twitch is, and I find that most people I meet do not know what Twitch is… It’s similar to a live podcast on Youtube, except it’s live all the time. Even then, I was a teeny tiny presence.

basic background

But I did kind of miss the online interactions with other crafters. What about Ravelry, you say? Yes Ravelry is AMAZING, by far my favorite social media platform. but it’s different than being in live chat with people. Not bad or worse, just different.

Anyway! I thought “Maybe give Twitch another try?” (hi there, friends of CraftsUntold!), but then I remembered how burnt out I got doing 2-4 hour long sessions of live streaming two or three times a week. Maybe a video podcast! Less stressful than live streaming, and can be done weekly. But still a big time commitment for editing, and learning YouTube’s quirks. So back to internet basics! A blog. Now, I may create a video here and there posted on YouTube for a special occasion, there may be a Ravelry group in the future. Maybe some Knit/Crochet Alongs! This may even evolve into a regular podcast if the urge strikes (I already have all the equipment, anyway…).

But for now, let’s keep things simple and focus on what’s important: yarn.