Year of the Frog

I am writing this during breaks between undertaking a very unsavory task. One that sometimes can be satisfying, depending on the circumstances.

Circumstances such as the top-down knee high socks that I attempted back in 2014, which made it as far as two attempts at the cuff before I tossed it into hibernation. I finally frogged those earlier this summer! Or the situation where you just fall out of love with the yarn and/or pattern, like my Bliss cowl and hat set. Frogged that and used the yarn to make an adorable baby sweater for a friend.

This is not one of those circumstances. I am in the middle of frogging my Honey Pullover which I started in May of 2017. And I still love the yarn AND the pattern. But it’s not going well for a few reasons:

  1. My understanding of ease at the time of cast on was…lacking.
  2. I have gained back some weight, so the size I started will NOT fit me if I finish it as is.
  3. I do not have enough of this yarn to restart it in the next size up, and trying to match a new skein of indie dyed yarn to this yarn I bought in 2014 is laughable.


I’m trying to look on the bright side, trying to tell myself that this was a learning experience:

You tried something new! You have never knit a pullover before…

You at least got some practice in doing waist shaping and separation for sleeves…

Well, now you know that you need to learn more about ease!



All I can think about as I undo ALL. THOSE. ROUNDS. is how now my lovely, expensive Tess Designer Yarn now resembles ramen noodles. I am trying to very loosely and neatly ball it back up by hand, so that it can relax a bit and not be stressed out even more by a ball winder.


I do plan on attempting to make the Honey Pullover again in the future, after I gain a better understanding of ease and size selection, and buy that extra skein to ward of Yarn Chicken. And I do have other plans for this yarn, if it will play nicely with the grey Tess Yarn I have stashed, in a Feather and Fern pullover.

But right now, I’m dealing with the slow, careful process of creating and organizing yarn ramen into balls.


Yarn balls the size of my head, because Tess sells it in massive hanks. And why break the yarn when you don’t have to?