Yarn, Mead and Drunken Bees

Yesterday was a fun-filled adventure at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire!

Dez and I go every year, and I have been going somewhat regularly ever since my Oma took my brother and I to the Ren Faire when we were little. Yes, there is dress-up involved, I am that kind of geek. It was Pirate weekend, so I dressed up as pirate-y as I could manage with stuff I already had. Treated myself to a new fancy hat when we got there.

My very casual pirate garb. I usually dress up with the poofy shirt and skirt, and last year I bought a corset…Said corset was a bit too tight this year.

It’s a bit of a drive, 1.5 hours for us, but it’s a very nice drive with lots of nice greenery. Perfect for car knitting! Except this time I was driving, so no car knitting for me. I did bring along a sock project, there’s always little lulls where you are waiting for a show to start, or in line for something, so I got about half an inch done on a sock while we were participating in and watching the longbow archery competition (I shot terribly, only scored 19).

Very fun day, very hot though. And there was almost always a bee or 2 buzzing around trying to steal your drink or food. Most likely they are all super active before they succumb to the colder weather, but we are pretty sure the bees at Mt. Hope Estate are junk drunks. I ended up drinking my Honey mead waaay too fast, just so I wouldn’t have to keep swatting bees away. At one point a bee landed IN my mead and I had to fish him out with a fork. Drunken bees.

A very nice souvenir mug that was filled with blueberry hard cider.