Recipe Review: Mama Knows Gluten Free Banana Bread

Baking is crafty, so here we go!

I was in the mood for baking something this weekend, and there were bananas going ripe too quickly on my counter, so banana seemed obvious. I found a simple version of gluten free banana bread on

I found this via a google search, along with a paleo recipe on, which had chocolate chips in it. I really wanted to try both, so I chose the Mama Knows Best recipe today, and will try the Paleo Running Mama recipe another weekend.


This recipe is super easy, and I only had to make two adjustments: I did not have a regular size loaf pan handy, only a few mini ones, so I baked mine for 35 min instead of the 50-60 min called for. I also added chocolate chips… because I wanted to. In hindsight, walnuts would have been delicious, too. And just fyi, I used King Arthur Gluten Free Flour because it’s what I had on hand.


I would totally make this again. It doesn’t have a complicated laundry list of specialty ingredients, which is nice because SO MANY gluten free recipes call for a specific mix of like 5 different non-wheat flours mixtures. Simple is good and easy. And it tastes awesome too. It has that nice moist, firm, spongy texture that a quickbread should have, without being overly chewing. It’s also not gritty/grainy in texture like some gluten free baked goods can be. It’s gonna be great with my coffee.