Anyone seen my crochet mojo?

I’ve been mostly knitting lately (well, only knitting lately), on two projects: a 3 Color Cashmere shawl (mine isn’t cashmere), and a Nor’easter cardigan. I’ve also cast on a pair of Indigo Leaves socks, because I need to do ALL the podcast KALs apparently.

All of this knitting has been monopolizing my craft time, leaving no room for crochet.

First world problem, right?

The last thing that I crocheted was my Fantastica shawl, which had been sitting in hibernation while I tracked down an additional skein of yarn it needed.

Probably about a year ago I purchased the Crochet Master Class coursework from the Crochet Guild of America. I figured it would be a good way to force myself to learn a new technique or two, if the course required it. The paperwork is printed, I have tags and binder sleeves for the swatches, and I have yarn specifically for this. Have not started it yet.

I may try to gather all the needed things together and do the first few swatches this weekend, if Nor’easter will loosen it’s group on me. It has a fantastic notion that it will be finished in time for Rheinbeck, and I’m indulging it. What? Don’t try and tell me your knitting doesn’t talk to you. Liar.

Knitting, Nor'easter cardigan

What project is currently monopolizing your crafty time?