There has been much progress over the weekend. On Saturday, I got in some great car knitting as Dez drove us to a Japanese supermarket shopping center, Mitsuwa, that we enjoy. It’s a long drive. I powered through a good chunk of the color 3 section on my 3 Color Shawl, before stuffing my face with pork stir fry and rice balls. Sunday morning I managed to finish the big stripe of color 3 and started on the lace! This is both exciting and worrisome, since I modified the pattern to make it larger, so that I could use up more of my lovely Anzula Squishy. And big shawls are always nice. I am pretty sure that I did math correctly…I did do it about 7 times with a calculator… But it’s a VERY long row and if it’s wrong I will have to knit it back to fix it. I’m only a couple repeats in on the beginning of the lace.

The second bit of progress came when I took a break form the shawl and dug out everything for my CGOA Master of Advanced Stitches and Techniques course.

I feel the need to say here that this is NOT something that is required of me for ANYTHING. It is purely a personal accolade goal, because I like the idea of it. I like challenging myself to learn new things related to knitting and crochet, and I like to get shiny ribbons and pieces of paper that say “good job, you!” for something that I made.

So first, I was very annoyed that I could not find the instructions that I had previously printed out and stuck into a nice folder. It got misplaced in the shuffle of moving… So after reprinting everything I got started. The course consists of making swatches according to the instructions, and then answering questions related to the swatches. Don’t want to give too much away, it’s a paid-for course.

I got through the first 9 swatches pretty quickly. I thought huh, this seems kind of too easy. Then swatch #10 decided to be a pain in the butt. Had to re-work it 4 times to get it correct. It was the swatch for gauge. But it’s done! And with it, I am 20% finished. Yup. 20% . There are 48 swatches to complete, and questions to answer as you go through it.

My goal for this is to get it done by end of November. We will see…