Close to home

Today is the first day of October. The beginning of the Halloween season that we all love 🖤🎃.

It’s also Breast Cancer Awareness month. This month, you’ll be bombarded with advertisements from Susan G. Komen, a charity that had had controversial moments in the past, including defunding Planned Parenthood in 2012 and suing various smaller charities for using a slogan too close to their “for the cure”, or fire daring to use a pink ribbon. They also only donate on average 20% of donations to cancer research. .

If you would like to make a difference for people battling breast cancer, I ask that you do some research before blindly donating to Komen. There are other organizations who give a much higher percentage of donations to research and assistance for cancer patients:

A 2017 article from Popular Science goes into more detail, and also offers some attentive charities, such as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation .

And if you are a knitter it crocheter, perhaps you would like to make something to benefit women who have lost breast(s) to cancer. The organization Knitted Knockers provides patterns for knit and crochet prosthetic breasts, which many say are much more comfortable than commercially available prosthetics. They also give them away to those in need, survivors need only fill out a form on the website to request a knocker. You can contact them directly to inquire about donating, or your LYS may be a donation hub!

My aunt is a breast cancer survivor who needed a double mastectomy, and I will be making a few knockers again this year to donate in her honor.