New and Continuing Adventures!

The past week has been VERY exciting! Sunday was Dez and my 6 year anniversary dating. We went for dinner at a very nice restaurant that makes their Alfredo sauce gluten free, (as a proper Alfredo should be anyway) and after dinner we had ice cream and watched some TV. He topped the night off by proposing!! ::Cute high pitch squeals of joy:: 💜 We will have a 2 year engagement (aiming for a wedding date in October 2020), so we can squirrel away as much as possible to pay for stuff. Prepare yourself for occasional wedding crafts!! I need to knit a wedding shawl, and make centerpieces and such! I already have ideas… Crafty, nerdy, autumn themed ideas. Mwahaha!

As for current crafts, if you follow my Instagram you probably saw the heartache that was me ripping out 3 inches of cabled knitting on my cardigan because I forgot to start the button holes. THE BUTTON HOLES. On a CARDIGAN. Somehow that little detail slipped my mind. I noticed it as I was holding it up, showing it off to some friends at last week’s Stitch&Bitch. This is why it is important to read through the pattern AND scribble your own notes. I blame the fact it tells you when to start the button holes in the written portion, but then the cable chart for the back of the cardigan is one of the last pages. It’s nowhere near the body instructions! Thank goodness for lifelines.

The Nor’easter cardigan and my 3 Color Shawl continue to be my only current projects. I may be in for some sudden yarn chicken. I have 6 rows left on the lace section, but maybe enough yarn for one more purl row. Eehhh. My plan of doing extra stripes to use up as much yarn as possible may be backfiring here. I can totally end the lace section now and do the solid edge part, it’s just giving me a very big UGH feeling.

In non-crafty news, I’m getting back into archery! My bow has languished in the closet for far too long. I finally took the time to look up a local rifle club that I had not known about it past years. Turns out they do Friday Night Archery shots that are open to the public! Nice! This place is so much closer than the one in Philly we occasionally go to, and they have a proper parking lot. The $4 shooting free was a surprise (I didn’t notice it online), but it’s cheaper than the $10-ish that I paid in Philly! The couple guys who were also shooting are nice, one of them is the head of the archery club and he is very knowledgeable about bow tech/specs. My shoulders were so sore that night, and I have a bruise still from where my bowstring nicked my arm, but it was great.

And awkward selfie of my bruise from 5 days ago. That’ll teach me to keep my elbow positioned correctly.