It’s been a few days longer than usuals between blog posts, it’s been kinda crazy busy for me the past week! What with post engaged wedding planning beginning, prepping stuff for Rhinebeck, and not feel well.

I did not manage to finish my Nor’easter cardigan. The yarn was indeed a liar liar pants on fire. But I did manage to finish my 3 Color Shawl by Joji Locateli, and I blocked it and my Ingwer shawl by Melanie Berg. I will have fabulous knits to wear! However, in hindsight I wish I had made a new pair of fingerless mitts and had washed my cabled hat. It’s going to be a bit more chilly in Rhinebeck than I thought. High 50’s F… Sheesh.

Stay tuned for a Rhinebeck recap blog on Monday! I’m gonna show off my haul off goodies and tell you all about what I saw there. I’m hoping that I run into Kristin from Voolenvine, or Amy from Stranded Podcast. I would love to meet them.

I had to get creative and overlap a bit while blocking. Note to self, buy more foam mats.