Back to the Grind

Well it had to happen, I guess. My mini staycation after Rhinebeck has come to an end, and I am headed back to the office today. It was nice while it lasted.

Between getting my hair cut, doing laundry, and cuddling the cats I have successfully photographed and stored my Rhinebeck haul (after giving it all a thorough pet and squish), logged it into Ravelry, started a baby blanket, and got a decent amount done on the body of my Nor’easter cardigan (Rhinebeck 2019/20 sweater? Ha…)

Look at those cables… Ooooh…

I did have an ‘oh shit’ moment when I started browsing patterns for the Tess yarn that I got. Did I mention in the recap post that I had taken time to write out on paper the patterns I was looking for yarn for, yardages, and yarn weight? And then left it at home? And then had no data on my phone that weekend? Yeah… By sheer dumb luck I bought just enough to make the Ropemaker Pullover.

I was trying to wrangle current WIPs the other day. I have a Vanilla is the New Black sock about half way done, so I was looking for the second ball of yarn to start sock #2. I have no idea where this yarn went. For probably a month it sat on the baker’s rack in my kitchen. For some reason I had taken it out of my knitting travel bag. I looked around to see if it got stuffed somewhere else since I had done a very quick cleanup of the kitchen and dining room when some friends came over a while ago, but I still can’t find it. My hope is that it is in a box/bag that I tossed into the sunroom, and that I just missed seeing it the first 5 times I looked in there… Though the most plausible outcome might be that the cats found it and murdered it behind the futon. They cannot be trusted near yarn. It’ll turn up one way or another, I guess…

In the meantime, I need to go through some lunch in a bag and make some coffee.