Gift Knitting vs. Cast on all the things!!!

Happy Saturday morning to you. Figured I’d try to get a post up while I have my coffee this morning, before I need to go get stuff done. I don’t know about you guys, but November creeped up SUPER fast this year. It probably doesn’t help that weekend has been pretty busy with stuff; mostly fun stuff, but still stuff. Apologies in advance if it’s more ramble-y than usual.

Earlier in the summer I had decided that I wasn’t going to knit gifts for everyone this year. I hadn’t made enough progress for my liking on things for me this year, what with knitting all the baby things. Though baby stuff is VERY fun to knit, but my Nor’Easter cardigan was being neglected. Not even sure I’m in the mood to crochet some snowflakes this year. That was something I was trying to keep up with each year, for me, mom, and my aunts. I have a booklet of 99+ snowflake patterns and I was trying to crochet a different one each year for everyone. We will see…

Teeny tiny Totoro mitts! They need a soak and block, and ends woven. Also here is the cuff of an adult mitten.

The baby crafting is still going. I finished an adorable pair of colorwork My Neighbor Totoro baby mitts for baby Evelyn, and a Firefly inspired baby hat. The plan was to also make kinda matching mitts for her mom, and a matching hat for her dad. I’m kinda stuck on the adult mittens though. I feel like I need to play with the colorwork on the palms to eliminate the massive areas of way-too-long floats. But it is possible that I was just having an off day and everything about that pattern was bugging me for no reason, because I’m looking at it again now and I’m totally fine with it. Thanks, brain. Both mitten patterns are free, btw. The links take you to the Rav pattern pages.

Another friend couple has a baby boy due early November, so I’ve been working on a very simple crochet blanket with some black and red yarn that a friend de-stashed to me. The parents had requested a hat, black, with the logo from the videogame Xenowars on it, which is basically just a red ‘X’. So the blanket will sort of go with the hat. and I can probably also do some mitts and just duplicate stitch the ‘X’ logo on them. Hmm.

If you hadn’t figured it out yet, I, my fiance, and all of our friends are massive nerds. But really it’s no worse than the parents who dress their baby up in sports gear. So there.

Here we see me measuring the sweater, to determine just how far back I had to undue for decreases. 9.5 inches of knitting. Frogged 5 inches. It was painful.

So I have all of those obligation knits, and then I have a couple things for me I’ve been working on since, I don’t know, July maybe? This Nor’Easter sweater really is kicking my butt. Which is mostly my fault because the pattern is very text heavy, has lots of “at the same time, do this” things to track, and I only skimmed the pattern instead of fully reading it before starting it. I had to undo half of my knitting for a second time earlier this week, because I missed stating the waist shaping decreases. The first time was because I forgot to start doing button holes. So that’s been very frustrating. And now my brain is totally telling me that I need to cast on that sweater that I bought all that Regia sock yarn for from eBay. And better start those Tardis socks for Dez since I finally found the perfect skein of blue yarn at Rhinebeck. And, and, and…. cut to my phone having 20 tabs of patterns open.

I think come January when my vacation time renews I’m going to have a little staycation, tackle some of these neglected knits for me. And NOT do chores or run errands. I took the Monday and Tuesday off after Rhinebeck, and I ended up doing laundry and running around to get a haircut and go to the bank so I could pay the landscapers who came that Tuesday. Blah!

Today I’ll be kinda busy. Having lunch with my mom to go over Thanksgiving stuff. I’m hosting this year for the first time. Then I have to go cash in grocery store points towards a turkey before all the big ones disappear. Dez woke up kinda sick, so I have no idea how he will feel when I get home. We were supposed to prep and primer the kitchen today and paint it tomorrow. I might get an hour to knit today. Maybe. Still need to finish laundry and tackle that mountain of dishes… Fingers crossed.

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