No such thing as “too many WIPs”

There had been some discussion/mentioning on a few podcasts about calling on all the things recently. Skeindeer Knits podcast’s Eli is a big enabler in that department, and Kristin from Voolenvine has been doing it too. (All the love to Skeindeer and Voolenvine 🖤, if you don’t watch them on YouTube, you should)

So let’s all grab some empty needles, fish out that skein of yarn that been marinating in the stash, and cast on all the things! All the cool kids are doing it…

I especially get into that mindset of casting on new things when my migraine brain has the oddly energetic/euphoric moments. I know, it’s weird, but it’s totally a thing. It makes very difficult to concentratr on just one thing, and I want to start every new thing I recently saw and loved on Ravelry or have been thinking about starting. So I did that last week!

Three of the projects in the feature photo are from a “cast on all the things!” day this past Wednesday. So in addition to my Nor’easter cardigan and the black and red baby afghan, there is now :

– the start of ankle socks for my mom

– a bottom up raglan baby sweater (btw, who the hell designs a pieced, raglan sweater?? Thanks Rowan designs. Modifying that as much as I can…)

– the very start of a fingering weight sweater, the Autumn Breeze pullover

– a Vanilla is the New Black sock, which I have misplaced the second ball of yarn for (or more likely, the cats stole it and murdered it behind a piece of furniture…)

– a crochet baby blanket

– and a sock yarn scrap granny square afghan.

– a Ciao cowl that I started during Rhinebeck weekend

And I’m about to cast on a hat to match the baby blanket. And I’ll totally finish them all by December… /s

I’ve been working on the baby stuff today, and have just switched over to Mom’s socks. I’m trying something new with these socks. I’ve never made a pair of shorty ankle socks before, I’m just improvising these. And I’m also going to try a princess sole. Mom had asked if it was possible to make the bottom of the socks “as smooth as the outside”, so there we go. I’m using the leftover Knit Picks tonal sock yarn that I made a hat for her out of. And I have a feeling there may still be enough after the socks too make some very basic fingerless mitts. We shall see, I could be completely wrong about that. In all seriousness, I am going to try to finish baby stuff and her socks by December at least for holiday gifting. She and the two new babies (#notmybaby) will be the only ones getting handknits for the holiday, because I’m just too tired and busy this year. I wish I could find more time between what needs to be done around the house, or at least just have less migraine controlled days that influence my crafting ability.

In other news, I picked up a new tool to try out, and will be posting a review as soon as I can get a couple good pictures. Stay tuned!

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