Holiday Overload!

Hello hello, it’s been a while. Happy belated Chanukkah, we are very close to Yule, Christmas and Kwanzaa. I hope all of your holiday prepping & events are going well!

Happy Holidays from Freya and Loki! I briefly had both of them wearing festive collars. Unfortunately, Loki knows how to pop off the breakaway collars, and his didn’t last long.

Tis the season to be over-scheduled! I have not been getting a lot of knitting done. Usually I have dedicated knitting time on my lunch hour at work, but in the past couple weeks I’ve been working through lunches. I have a very important, very research/collect and organized data/ enter data project at work, and I’m sort of in training for new job duties. In the long run it’s a good thing for me, but the process is stressful. And I have had a really REALLY bad run of migraines this past week that actually caused me to leave work early a couple times. I always hate having to do that. Invisible illness, I always worry abut how what other people in my office think and if they actually believe me when I have to leave early.

Anyway, I was crafty in a different way this week. I did some holiday baking for a party this Saturday. It was the first time I ever tried one of my regular, favorite cookie recipes, chocolate chip brownie cookies. I used a cup-for-cup gluten free flour, and it went pretty well! The texture was noticeably different, the dough was a bit more gummy and the baked cookie was a bit more dense than I would have liked, but it tasted great. Next time I make them I will use less flour. I also made some GF sugar cookies. If you follow me on instagram you probably saw them. Surprisingly these came out great. I have always have trouble with rolling out sugar cookie dough with my wheat flour recipe, but something in the GF flour just made things go easier. Decorating thous things was still a pain in the butt. I tell myself every year that this year I won’t make them. And then I do, and tell myself that well, the icing will go better this year! And it never does. I tried the Wilton cookie icing for the first time (usually use Betty Crocker) and holy crap, this icing was so inconsistent. The green and black icing was perfect, but the red and white were sooo liquidy. The first cookie that I tried to icing with the red looked like it belonged in some kind of horror film, the way the icing spread out and flooded all over. And I highly doubt this was user error. I read the directions, i shook the crap out of the bottle before hand, and it was liquid enough without microwaving it like the bottle said to. I did try microwaving it, and it made the icing flow worse. Can’t win here. But I had fun making some nerdy themed cookies.

I’m a knitter, of course my cookie cutters include a mitten and a sweater. I just need to find a hat now. The nerdy cookies included WWE, SmashBros, Pokemon, and a wonky batman symbol .

There’s always small blob of dough at the end of rolling out the cookies. I just may it together, flatten it out and bake it. Except this year the flattened blob got folded in half and we ended up with a Christmas taco cookie. Dez and I have decided the Christmas taco will be a new tradition.

The Christmas Taco! Dez and I shared it’s tasty goodness.
Happy little tree cookies.

And look how perfect those little trees are! They make me happy. Bob Ross would approve.

This year I have joined in on the Knitmore Girls Grinchalong. In previous years I almost always had been crafting up to the last minute for gifts, and this year I’m just not feeling it. The only people who are getting handmade this year is my mom, and the children who belong to friends in VA and IL. Let me tell you, baby knits are addictive. I’m gonna spoil my little honorary/surrogate niece rotten with handmade things. Her parents are VERY knitworthy. I have gotten SO MANY pictures of this baby wearing all the things I made.  I should ask her mom if she’d be ok with me sharing some of the pictures on my Ravelry project pages… I did start a pair of socks for my mom in yarn to match the Sockhead hat that she is getting, but I really hate working on these. I think I really don’t like the yarn, and she requested princess soles, so that kind of slows down the knitting and makes it not as enjoyable. I have a very strong feeling that these will be frogged and I’ll make her a pair of fingerless mitts instead. After the holidays.

But this year, it’s Grinchalong time. I have two sweaters for me started, and the Nor’easter cardigan has been very neglected; I could also use a new pair of socks, and I need a few more hats for me. I hope to get some good knitting time in this coming Thursday and Friday. I’m taking the last of my vacation days this week for a slightly extended holiday break. Thursday will just be relaxing at home, and Friday will be a trip down to the Christmas Market (Christkindlemarkt) in Philly’s Love park. I’ve never been there before, and I’m super excited to get some Glühwein and do some shopping.

Hope yours holidays are full of good times with family and friends, and aren’t too stressful. ❤ Happy Yule!