Well That Sucked.

Ever have things all planned out, and then life throws a wrench at you and everything unravels? Yeah. I had a bunch of holiday things planned out this week : baking, two vacation days off to spoil myself before being surrounded by people for the holidays, one of those days being spent in the Philly Christmas Market, and seeing friends at Thursday Knit night. Yeah. But then a lovely person, most likely a coworker, gifted me an upper respiratory infection, which started moving into my sinuses. I started feeling off Tuesday night, while I was making deviled eggs for the office potluck the next day. I was supposed to make some of my awesome gingerbread loaf too, but that didn’t happen. Made it in to work Wednesday, and then just slowly slipped downhill over the morning and had to leave early. Oh the joy of burning sinuses, a sinus headache, and a sore throat. Woke up a complete mess on Thursday and had to make a Dr. appointment. They were kind enough to write a note for me, so that I could send it to my boss and change my planned vacation time to sick time (there’s a difference at my work) before payroll was processed on Friday. I slept through most of Wednesday, with the exception of when I dragged myself from the house again to pick up a Rx steroid and Mucinex DM. I used so many tissues, about a box a day, from Wednesday through Friday. I was so mad, and I’m still kinda salty that I missed the Christmas market.

I felt ok-ish by Saturday, so Dez and I ventured out to pick up my engagement ring from being resized (ooh that sparkle…), but damn that took a lot out of me. So here I am, still not quite 100%, plotting some crafting things while Dez is visiting his grandfather today. I was supposed to go too, but yeah. That would have been no good for me or his grandfather, for me to show up sick.

Anyway, moving forward onto the crafty plotting and such! I am continuing my Grinchalong 2018 participation (see the Knitmore Girls Podcast group on Rav)! The one good thing about being home-bound on Friday was that I was actually feeling up to knit by then. Yes, even though I was awake on Thursday (thank you, medication) I was still too out of it to do anything besides stare at the TV. I got a very good chunk of my Autumn Breeze Pullover done Friday and Saturday! And I finally finished my Ciao! cowl. No photos of the cowl yet; the knitting is done, but it still needs to be washed and blocked and have the cat hair picked out of it again. So much cat hair, I swear, why do I bother with project bags at all…?

There have been some Top 9 / Make 9 Challenge posts on Instagram, and I’m hopping on that bandwagon I guess! Didn’t bother with it last year. Yesterday I posted a very tentative Make 9 on Instagram. Which I have changed slightly this afternoon. Don’t judge me, it’s not 2019 yet.

I went into it trying to pick things that would not be the same old same old project for me, but still be something I could reasonably complete. All of them are patterns that I have already purchased, and at least 8 of them I already have yarn in my stash for. So here’s the current breakdown:

  1. Qwist Hat and Qwist Mitts (they go together, I’m calling them one project here!), by Melanie Berg. I have some slate blue Koigu that these will look great in.
  2. Emerald Island crochet shawl, by Anne-Lise Maigaard. I really need to crochet more. Tentatively have this set to be done with some Valley Yarns Charlemont Kettle Dyed yarn in purple with black edges and detail, but we will see.
  3. Molly hat by Erin Ruth, which is a free pattern by the way. I think I’ll use the black Schulana Filana Merino that I brought home from Germany a few years ago.
  4. Fern & Feather pullover by Jennifer Steingass. I need some colorwork in my life, and I need more sweaters. Bam. Gonna use the green and grey (happy coincidence there) Tess Designers Yarns Superwash Merino Worsted for this one.
  5. Drachenfels by Melanie Berg. I picked up some Dragonfly Fibers Damsel in Winterfell, Damsel and Silver Fox colorways for this 2 years ago.
  6. Fading Point by Joji Locateli. Because I like to take my sweet time getting around to doing the hot new patterns that everyone else jumps on right away… I picked up a very nice selection of Madeline Tosh Twist Light that would compliment an existing skein of Malabrigo yarn from my stash (GASP, I’m mixing the brands together! lol.) They are: Malabrigo in Candombe, and Madeline Tosh Twist Light in Whiskey Barrel (LOVE), Venti Dragon Mocha, Best Day of the Year, and Antler. So a very earthy brown with blue that fades through a speckled green to a very soft, greyish-beige neutral.
  7. Selbu Mittens by Skeindeer Knits, because they are beatiful and my colorwork needs work. These will be done in some Jo Sharp Classic DK Wool, in charcoal grey and a sapphire blue. Which I do not have a good picture of because I could not find good lighting that day I bought them. Thought I may chicken out on using the “good yarn” and use some Patons Classic Dk for the first pair…
  8. Galiano Socks, by Grocery Girls podcast’s Tracie Millar. I have not done much cabling on socks yet, and these are beautiful. I don’t have a firm yarn choice yet, but there’s a lot of possibilities in my stash. Possibly the second skein of Malabrigo in Candombe that doesn’t match the first at all.
  9. Weekender by Andrea Mowry. I hit the Webs clearance section and picked up some Classic Elite Legend in a beautiful plum color just for this sweater.

All of these are doable, without completely monopolizing my knitting time. I just have to keep reminding myself that these aren’t the only things I’ll work on in 2019, other s thing can happen too. Else I’ll be constantly changing my mind until New Years Eve.

I’m about to continue the Grinchalong by starting a pair of vanilla socks with some Arne & Carlos Regia Pairfect. Christmas eve cast on is overated and anxiety inducing (what, can’t be just me), so I’ll start that after I log the new skeins into Ravelry. Happy crafting, Happy Yule, Happy Holidays. ❤

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