My Precious

I think all knitters have a skein or two, or twelve, that for whatever reason is special. Really special. Too special to use right now, because it needs the perfect pattern, or because you’re not a “good enough” knitter yet. Or ma\nybe it has special memories attached to it: you bought it during your first ever trip to a LYS, or it’s your first ever skein of Nice Yarn (not from a big box craft store), or maybe you bought it while on vacation somewhere. For whatever reason, it becomes too special to use right now. While I was browsing my stash and matching yarns to a few pattern this weekend I started thinking about why I hadn’t used certain yarns yet. Granted, all of the yarns I buy tend to marinate in the stash for at least a few months after I buy them, but some are just really really special. I

My first skein of precious yarn is a skein of Cascade Pure Alpaca in a dark olive-drab green. It’s SO soft, and A.C. Moore didn’t have ALPACA yarn! It was my first ever purchase of Nice Yarn from a LYS waaay back in 2011, when I was a crocheter just learning how to knit. The $16.99 price tag on it caused so much sticker shock at the time. I remember that I bought that particular skein because I was so overwhelmed at the choices, and just how much more expensive the other yarns were. I also remember feeling like I had to buy SOMETHING, because it would be rude not to. So I bought my oh-so-expensive-to-me-at-the-time alpaca yarn, with no project in mind, and carefully put it in my yarn drawer. This yarn marinated in my stash until 2016 when I finally cast on a Hinagiku hat with it.

The too precious alpaca is working up into a very nice hat.

Other too precious skeins came from my first trip to Vogue Knitting Live, NY in 2013:

And another from 2016 Vogue Knitting Live, NY

  • Arctic Qiviut Arctic Dream, which I got from the awesome crane game in the lobby (Silk, cashmere and qiviut! It feels like a CLOUD and qiviut is sooo expensive, too expensive for just any old hat pattern…)

One of my more recent precious yarns is the result of the dyer no longer dying yarn:

At this point in my knitting, I think I’ve passed the “not good enough” hurdle, but I still get stuck on the “but it’s too nice” and “it needs the PERFECT pattern” hurdles. I know I’m not the only one, so that makes me feel a little bit better.

What yarns are too precious for you to use?


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