Determination – Post Holiday reset, 2019 planning

Like the rest of the world, I’m currently evaluating some things in my life and making goals and plans for the coming year. I hate to call them resolutions, because than I feel like a complete FAILURE if I slip up a little bit. I refuse to say that “I will lose weight!” or “I’ll stop eating ALL junk food!”, because it won’t happen. I know it won’t, because me and every other person with female anatomy deals with hormones that a few days every month, which makes want nothing more than to drown yourself in chocolate. Compound that with the stress munchies that I get, and a new year’s resolution is out the window by end of January. But I would like to continue to try to get a handle on a few things; these are not new things I just decided to change or improve just because the year has changed. Most of my goals are continuations of ones that I formed at some point in the year last year or the year before.

  • Stress management – this means paying attention to when I start feeling annoyed by every. single. little. thing., and to stop an breathe. It’s to make sure that I have dedicated creative time MOST days, because I am most happy when I am creating something. It means trying harder to fit meditation into my life, so that I can:
  • Better manage my migraines – There is only so much I can do with this one, since my triggers include weather changes and hormones. But stress, bad eating (no, I’m not cheating and eating gluten. That shit is PAINFUL. I’m talking too much sugar and carbs), and bad sleeping are contributing factors. Now, the bad sleeping is a tricky one. Plenty of migraine sufferers wake up with head pain that may not be a full blown migraine, but it is still enough that it prevents me from waking up an hour early to exercise on the days that I try to sometimes. Science says that your body’s natural pain management system is less/in-active at night, coupled with possible dehydration since you’ve just gone 6-8 hours without drinking anything. BUT, I can be more responsible with what I put in my mouth, with not using food as a comfort device or reward system, and going to bed at a regular, decent hour.
  • Regular exercise – the last few exercise sessions that I had, I was very disappointed at how far I had slid back with the amount of weight I could lift, and my endurance. This is something that I very much have to get back to, because there is so much evidence that exercise helps to manage stress AND migraines by balancing out the chemicals and endorphins in your brain. It’s just a matter of me breaking this cycle of ‘migraines preventing me from exercising, so my migraines stay worse than they need to be’.

All of these things work with each other or are connected to each other in some way. Really it’s an overhaul of lifestyle, back to about 2016 when I was awesome about all of this, and gluten hadn’t reared it’s ugly head. I won’t say “I will lose weight”, because that will be something else to focus on that will take attention away from the three things listed above. If I focus on those three, really work on them, weight loss will happen.

Lot’s of people are posting online their ‘theme’ or word for 2019. I guess mine would be dedication. Not letting my goals get completely forgotten because, for instance, I missed a workout, and well I had a rough day so how about some cake…

As far as fun goals, in addition to the Make9 that I posted previously, I’m going to try for the Box o Sox KAL (knit 12 pair of socks in a year) that Kristen from Voolenvine runs. I tried last year, and failed. I don’t feel too terrible at failing though, because I made so many adorable baby things instead, but this is the year! And it will double dip with the Sock Bash KAL that the Grocery Girls podcast is doing. Currently I’m working on a pair of Magnolia socks from Helen Stewart’s Handmade Sock Society club as my January pair. They are more fiddly than I would like, the twisted stitches within the cables slow me down some, but I don’t want to modify them.

Good luck with your 2019 goals everyone! It’s all in how you word things, and remembering that your goals do not have to be the same or have the same results as anyone else. And it’s not the end of the world if you have a hiccup or missed day at something. Try again tomorrow. (now lets follow our own advice, Crafty…)

I’m off to have a protein packed salad for dinner, meal prep, do some (more) knitting, and get some good sleep so I can exercise tomorrow. ❤

My Magnolia Socks by Helen Stewart, in Ewetopia Kickapoo sock yarn.

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  1. That’s awesome you’ve made some resolutions at all and even better they involve healthiness. My “theme” this year was to really dive into my small biz I just started & see if I can make it fly! Good luck to you!

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