Better late than never?

TLDR: This post is in regards to the ongoing conversation on racism and non-inclusion happening in the fiber community. I will be moderating comments, because this is my blog, it’s my views (which I’m entitled to, even if they are different from yours), and comments that are unconstructive to the conversation, hateful, or along the lines of “get the politics out of my knitting” are not welcome here. The door is that way –> if you cannot find the empathy or be open minded about this issue.

Today I saw a post from Ewesyouryarn reposted by Kino Knits on Instagram, and it pushed me to repost it and write this.

I am a former TwitchCreative streamer that had a tiny following; I am not a big podcaster, or dyer, or designer, (in spite of my aspirations…) I have a teeny, tiny crafting blog. I have been following this conversation of racism and non-inclusion specific to the fiber community recently. Like a few big podcasters have said, I haven’t posted anything about it because of a lack of confidence in my understanding of the situation, and lack of confidence in saying something that would matter or make a difference. Yes, I did read the original post that sparked this wildfire, and many of the comments.

I contemplated doing a blog post about this after seeing so many others comment in their spaces about it, but couldn’t put the words together right. Hopefully these words now are helpful. My stance is that I know that I will never fully understand the difficulties that my BIPOC or GLBTQI+ friends face in their day-to-day lives, because I don’t face the same difficulties and prejudice. But I know those difficulties are there, and I try not to add to them. I have the privileges associated with being a cisgender, white, and middle-class person. With the exception of being female, I can easily hide or just not bring up in conversation the things about me that may cause prejudice (ie, religious affiliation, past economic situation, invisible illness). But it’s important for me to say now that I consider myself an ally, and I try to be a good one. I try to point out to others around me when their words or ideas may be problematic; I’ve had a few heated conversations about immigration at the past couple family gatherings.

My teeny tiny blog is and always will be a safe space for everyone (I hope you all feel safe and included here), and any hateful/unconstructive comments about this subject on this blog post, or any other of mine, are not welcome. Like the Grocery Girls recently stated, I hate the current sentiment of “can we please get back to the knitting”. No, you can sit with your discomfort for a bit and think about how you can make the situation better. Society only improves when all of its members work to make it better, not just the marginalized members fighting to be equal.

I am a bit embarrassed with myself for not knowing more BIPOC/GLBTQI+ makers, bloggers, podcasters, etc. I happened across a couple on my own, but it took this big discussion for me to become acquainted with podcasters like Nadiratani, and the Drunk Knitter. I had found the GG Made It blog through my WordPress feed months ago, but I hadn’t followed her IG account.

Can I say analytics suck? I fully admit I was lazy, I didn’t actively searching for new podcasts, and when I did I didn’t scroll far. I mostly find new podcasts when they are mentioned by podcasters I already watch. I started with YarnGasm/Voolenvine Knits at the suggestion of a friend, and it just cascaded from there through the suggestions side bar. YouTube suggests other content creators based on your perceived interests, and a BIPOC YouTuber RARELY came up along the side bar when I watched Voolenvine, the KnitGrllls, or Fruity Knitting. I think the only BIPOC channel that I found via suggestions was Happee Knits. I’m hoping to change that in my account since subbing to Nadiratani’s Quirky Monday and Safiyyah’s the Drunk Knitter.

I’ll end this by sharing a maker that I very much enjoy following on Instagram, Alex Creates. He is a yarn dyer, spinner, knitter and crocheter, and has recently jumped into pottery. I have a few skeins of his sock yarn, and it’s BEAUTIFUL.

Below are links to awesome people you should follow, if you haven’t found them yet:

Alex : @alexcreates, check out his shop here

Gaye Glasspie’s GG Made It blog, @ggmadeit

Nadiratani’s Quirky Monday Craftcast , @nadiratani

Safiyyah, The Drunk Knitter , @drunkknitter

Happee Knits podcast (mother/son podcast team, so cute!), @happeeknits