Oh man, it’s been a while. Valentine’s day has come and gone, and I hope you had a wonderful day with your significant other doing things you enjoy. For all my single people, I hope you had a fantastic Thursday last week and were able to grab up some discount chocolate on Friday ❤

My office is closed today, due to a very colorful storm headed our way. Couple inches of snow, lots of ice, sleet and misery. And then it will all melt tomorrow when it goes up to 53F.

Snow storm forecast. I’m in SE Pennsylvania.

So while I’m just hanging around the house today, let’s catch up. An interesting thing happened last month: I signed up to be a test knitter/crocheter on YarnPond ! Seems like a good way to catch patterns by my favorite designers, so I thought what the hell, let’s see what’s open!

I ended up signing up for tests for Melissa Kemmerer and Mary of Kino Knits. Dumb move on my part, why two at the same time?? I mean, both were pretty enjoyable and not too difficult, but I got hardly any progress done on my personal projects between sometime in January when they opened and the due date of Feb 15th. Yes, both tests had the same time windows. I must be crazy.

Well, both are finished, but I can’t show you pictures yet because the patterns aren’t officially released yet, and one is a MKAL anyway…. You won’t see that one until the final clue comes out, who knows when. I actually have to still weave ends in on both of those test, and take good pictures for the designers. I’m pretty bummed that i didn’t do that in time for Sunday when the weather was sunny and beautiful. This past weekend was pretty busy, Dez and I celebrated Valentines day on Saturday with a couples massage (which was not the best we’ve had… won’t go there again) and sushi takeout. Well, I had sushi, he had the responsible diet option of the Steamed Double Delight (steamed chicken, shrimp and veggies). His choice does taste pretty good, I’ve had it before, but come on. SUSHI.

The relaxing weekend after Valentine’s activities I had hoped for did not happen. Dez wanted to move a couple pieces of furniture around, and then we ended up rearranging the living room. But I also ended up dusting and vacuuming because you don’t just move things away and leave the dust bunny monsters to be covered up again by whatever you put in that spot. I’m tired again thinking about it. And then Sunday I had lunch with my mom, and later in the afternoon some friends came over to watch the WWE PPV. No idea what PPV it was, I still remember when the February PPV was called St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in the 90’s…

Back to the knitting! I think you all know how much I love a sock KAL, and sock knitting in general. If not, now you know. I had aspirations of successfully completing the Voolenvine Box o’ Sox KAL and the Grocery Girls Sock Bash this year. Yeah… I got completely derailed after signing up for those two test knits. My January sock stalled out at the toe decreases of sock 1. My February socks are not much better, I’m still on the leg of sock one. To be fair, both socks have cables, and January’s Magnolia socks have the most fiddly cables made up of twisted stitches. Helen Stewart, I love your Sock Society patterns, but seriously what kind of torture is this?! And what does all of this mean for my Make 9 Plans? LOL. Not even started anything from there yet. 2/3 through February, haven’t finished a damn thing that I planned to in 2019 yet. Have to laugh.

galliano sock progress
My Galliano Sock by Tracie Miller, living in my favorite project bag. MMM sushi…

Another bit of new and exciting and possibly might be biting off more than I can chew is…. I have an interview today to teach crochet at an LYS about 40 min from my house. Guys, I got SO excited thinking about this when I saw the job call reposted by a friend on FB. Now, I have a very strong feeling this will need to be rescheduled to next week because of the storm, but I am such a mix of excitement and  stress. The day after I set up the interview I started having bad thoughts about how much of my limited free time will this take up? Will they want me to teach EVERY Saturday? How much work prep work will I have to do on my own time for lesson samples or writing up directions or finding patterns, and will I be compensated for that time? All of this balancing out the happy thoughts of “I could teach people how to do stuff! As a part time job! Something kind of sort of related to my dusty Art Education degree!”

I’m definitely torn. This is something that I really want to try, but I don’t want it to become something that takes away too much weekend me time, or takes away/gets in the way of time for much needed exercise. What I need to do is stop worrying about those things until I have the interview and get more information. If only my brain would take that advice.

Time to be responsible and respectful of my pattern designers’ time and weave those ends in and take pictures. Then the rest of the day is sock knitting with podcasts.

Happy Wednesday, all.