I’m back!

Oh hey crafty people! Looks like I took a little break there, last post was Feb 20… Whoops!

Well you haven’t missed anything drastic or extremely exciting. I got caught up in a bad combo of work stress, mild seasonal depression, the usual migraine nonsense, and trying to get back into a workout and meal prep routine. Something had to give, seems like the blog was one of them. This we was actually pretty damn miserable, haven’t had a strong of migraine and tension headache days life this in a while. I actually stayed home from Stitch & Bitch this week because of the it.

But the weather has gotten a little nicer (more sunshine anyway. Still pretty damn cold in SE Pennsylvania…), and I am doing pretty well with the healthy eating and exercise parts. Could be better with the meals, but exercise is back on track. Sort of. Still having to sub in using the elliptical some days when I don’t feel steady enough for lifting heavy things.

Unfortunately my crafting has taken a hit, too. I know I’ve been working on things, I always have some knitting it crochet with me for my lunch hour at work, but I feel like I haven’t completed much of anything in 2019 so far. I think of that Make9 challenge grid that I did for 2019 and just laugh. I haven’t done ANY if them. If you’re familiar with me from my brief stint on Twitch then you know my motto is “F#ck it, I do what I want”. Apparently that motto applies even to self imposed goals. Future Me looks at the organization of PA Me and just goes “PFFFT! Yeah, sure. Except, how about some shawls? All of which will be for other people? No? Tough.” Because I like to undermine myself.

I may have mentioned that I signed up on YarnPond as a test knitter on the last blog. Since the last entry, I have also ripped out the Autumn Breeze pullover that I had started (the hem flipping up was driving me crazy…), spent way too much time just browsing patterns and plotting new things, and started and finished a Holden Shawl for a friend who was in an iffy medical situation.

Which brings me to crafting gifts for friend and family who are ill. Plenty of people have made hats for chemo patients, blankets for preemie babies, Knitted Knockers for donation to breast cancer survivors, “prayer” shawls, and such. I’ve done some charity knitting and crochet here and there, but wow does it feel different when it’s a person you know. Friend with the recent medical issue is the fearless leader of my weekly Stitch & Bitch group. I kept feeling like I needed to do SOMETHING, specifically make something. I found a fairly simple shawl with some nice ruffle lace, the Holden shawl, and used some stash yarn in her favorite color, purple. This thing was finished in less than 3 weeks? I think crafting for people who you know, when they are sick, isn’t just a kind gesture for that person. It’s a way for you to focus your worry/feelings about your friend’s wellbeing in a constructive way. It’s a little mini therapy for yourself as well as being a gesture of love and kindness. She is fine, currently recovering from having her thyroid removed and enjoying lots of pureed meals and jello. Everything was benign, thank goodness. The shawl is finished blocking, I’m going to mail it to her tomorrow, because it’s fun to get presents in the mail and we won’t see her at Stitch & Bitch until next week probably. I’ll post a photo of it on Instagram later. 💜