Grasping for more creativity

Hey crafty people! Hope your Monday went well.

I started out today feeling pretty damn great. This weekend was full of fun and happy moments with friends; a college roommate got married, and I partied the night away with college friends that I don’t see very often, due to geographic distance. And then I spent the better part of Sunday preparing naruto-style sushi for a birthday/WrestleMania party with a different group of friends. So I was definitely sleep deprived, what with WrestleMania running past midnight. But I was riding that wave of good vibes for a decent part of the morning, until I really got settled into my work. For those who don’t know, or have forgotten, I have a day job in an office setting. In the past year lots of changes have happened at my company, which in turn have shifted my job duties around some. No problem in the beginning, I’ve been viewing this as a valuable learning experience for a good portion of it, but the past few months have gotten very stressful; more than the usual work stress. It feels like I’m running through a maze. I think a big part of this is that there’s no creative (visually creative/artistic) aspect to my job. My skill set is such that it’s difficult to find a good, full time job that fits. I’ve been finding myself longing for something new and creative. I’m not foolish enough to just up and leave my current job though, they’ve been pretty good to me. But I do want to reach out and dabble in something new. Something that if I like doing it, could turn into a decent side gig. Maybe even a viable self employment opportunity. Self-employment/starting a small business is nothing to take lightly, I do understand what I’m getting into if I decide to take that leap.

Where might I be dipping my toes?

I blame one of the members of my Stitch&Bitch group for pushing me out of the “well maybe…” hesitation and into “why the hell not? let’s do it!” when she showed me some yarn that she over-dyed. I have knowledge of color theory, and understanding of how to safely work with materials that can be dangerous, and a damn good work ethic when it’s something I love. Seriously, when I was taking ceramics in college, I was a production potter once I got to Studio study level. Once I work out what I’m doing, I can get into a groove and CRANK. THINGS. OUT.

Don’t worry, I’m not jumping into this blindly. I fully understand that dyeing is only a part of having a yarn business; I’ve done my research, I have the support of my wonderful fiance to try it, and I’ll go about things as carefully as one can where starting a business is concerned. There’s no perfect time to do something like this, so might as well try it now.