Upcoming changes to the site

There will soon be a major overhaul redesign of The Perpetual Crafter site. I was never really satisfied with how the initial styling came out (graphic designer I am not…), and I have decided that it is too far gone for small changes here and there.

The site may be unavailable for a few days in late June as I spend time redesigning and re importing content.

I will be completely honest when I say that the Ravelry redesign debacle is in part why I have decided to finally “fix” my site. The Perpetual Crafter currently features fonts and color schemes that make it difficult to read. It is my sincere hope that the poor design of this site has not caused anyone to experience detrimental health effects (headache, migraine, seizure, etc.), and the changes to be made in the coming days will be done to make it both more visually appealing and more accessable.

Stay crafty,

– Brittany