An oddly even number

So, I think I totally lied about being more on top of things and creating podcast/vlog episodes more often. Unintentionally, of course, but all the same, there hasn’t been a new video posted on The Perpetual Crafter YouTube in about 2 months… We made it to a 14, which is an oddly even number; there’s no milestone attached to the number 14. More than a baker’s dozen,  not lucky/unlucky 13, not quite Sweet 16… Eh.

I tried, I did, but it just started to feel very forced. And I started comparing myself to the oh so many other yarny podcasts out there. The “market” is swamped, and I just didn’t feel like I was offering anything unique enough, or educational enough, or cute enough, or groundbreaking, or trendy enough to set myself apart. I don’t have a yarny related business that I was trying to promote, and we can’t all be as witty as Caroline from Knitting Vicariously, now can we? At least I can’t, anyway.

Add in some technology frustrations in the form of a lackluster new Windows MovieMaker Pro update (it got worse, I hate it), the various stresses of 2020 that many of you are also experiencing (job, health, personal relationships, WEDDING PLANING GONE AWRY), and migraines induced by said stresses… It just got too hard to keep up with.

Podfading isn’t a dreaded thing for me, really; less time recording and talking about knitting and crocheting is more time for actually knitting and crocheting. And other hobbies as well! Turns out sewing isn’t as frustrating and difficult as I remember. And just like when I was attempting to stream on Twitch a few years ago, I found that I enjoyed interacting with other streamers more than actually doing it.

The blog will stick around though. I do like sharing what crafty adventures I’m doing. Who knows, there may be some novice sewing adventures/blunders shared here in the near future.

If you were a viewer or a subscriber to the YouTube, thank you VERY  much. I hope you enjoy the transition back to blogging. No promises on a publication schedule, you know me by now.

The notorious Heliotaxis shawl, still in progress.