Rearranging & Reorganizing

Last week I decided to rearrange my craft room again. When we first moved into the house, I had put my cube shelves against the wall near my desk. It was a short lived arrangement, and they were moved to the opposite side of the room, stuck perpendicular to the wall, back to back, which made of a very convenient surface to put stuff on. And when I acquired a third cube shelf, I stacked it up on top and got this very creative (though not quite safely secure) storage solution. Sadly, I have no photos of this creatively unstable solution. It can be seen in past videos on YoutTube if you are just dying to see it.

This lasted a bit longer than the previous arrangement, but instead of having a nice small surface to temporarily sit things while using them, the space atop the cubes became a dumping group for things I was too lazy to put away. This is a bad habit of mine, as evidenced by the current state of my desk. I very much am the chaotic artist type, and if left unchecked I can go months without putting things away, and a dozen projects half done will start to cover all available surfaces.

I decided that my space needed another re-design after I started sewing masks about a month ago. My tiny table is large enough to comfortably hold my sewing machine, with yarn swift and ball winder permanently housed on either end. But there was no room to cut fabric there. This prompted me to uncover the cube shelf surface to use as a cutting surface. Great! But it’s very small, and very low, and my back complained a lot.

The sewing table, completely covered in random craft things.

The only solution was to purchase a table that had dimensions which would let me cut fabric pieces comfortably, and also be used other purposes when not a cutting station. I found a table that can be folded away for a decent price at Joann’s, then looked at my current set-up and realized another rearrangement was needed.

The fancy new cutting table, surrounded by more random crafty bits, and the tools used to put it together!

The cube shelf tower was taken apart and moved back to the wall next to my desk. The sewing table was moved across the room to be under the window, and the rocking chair was just turned to face the other way. Great! But now there’s a bunch of crap all over my floor.

Reorganizing is never quick process, at least not for me. Back in January I decided to re-sort my yarn stash, which involved dumping the cube basket contents onto the floor, and sorting them back by whether or not the yarn had a pattern to go with it, and then by yarn weight. This shouldn’t have taken more than a weekend, but it was scattered across the floor for well over a month before I finished. The big thing that pushed me to finish was that because of Covid 19 I started working from home, and I had to use my personal PC to remote in on. And if I got onto a Zoom call, anyone could see the entirety of the side of the room where the yarn was. And I wasn’t ready to explain that the mess people might see was all yarn; I was not ready to discuss my crafting habits with brand new co-workers yet.

The cube storage, back where it started, and the computer desk.
My rocking chair, covered in fabrics.

So the yarn was re-sorted. But because I added a new piece of furniture to the mix up here, the rest of the furniture had to make way, and all of the crafty materials that were pilled up on the yarn cubes are still scattered. The new table is assembled and in it’s place, which took about 2 hours because the directions were atrocious and holes were drilled slightly too small… Now all that is left is to put stuff away! I need to find a bin to store the fabric in, and a bin to store the spinning fiber that a friend destashed to me… and the whole room needs a good pass with the Swiffer… This might take a while.

Tell me about your craft organization woes in the comments!