Magnum Opus? Maybe!

Magnum OpusNoun: a large and important work of art, music, or literature, especially one regarded as the most important work of an artist or writer. It’s done, FINALLY. It took just under a year to compete, there were quite a few stop and starts, a few fudges and pattern chart corrections, but. It. Is. Done.…… Continue reading Magnum Opus? Maybe!

A Fiber Artist’s Worst Nightmare…

…And I don’t mean gauge swatches or pre-washing yarns for colorwork. Moths. Nasty little things that will seek out your wool and lay eggs in it, so that the larva can eat it. GROSS. I never put much thought into moth protection before. While I lived with my mother, the only fiber chewing pest I…… Continue reading A Fiber Artist’s Worst Nightmare…

Rearranging & Reorganizing

Last week I decided to rearrange my craft room again. When we first moved into the house, I had put my cube shelves against the wall near my desk. It was a short lived arrangement, and they were moved to the opposite side of the room, stuck perpendicular to the wall, back to back, which…… Continue reading Rearranging & Reorganizing

An oddly even number

So, I think I totally lied about being more on top of things and creating podcast/vlog episodes more often. Unintentionally, of course, but all the same, there hasn’t been a new video posted on The Perpetual Crafter YouTube in about 2 months… We made it to a 14, which is an oddly even number; there’s…… Continue reading An oddly even number

Episode 14: Sweater Parade!

Topics include sweater fit results, beaded lace knitting, and exploring cross stitch. Warning: FO and WIP links are Ravelry links. Alternative links (if available) will be in parenthesis. Please use caution if you have been affected by the recent accessibility issues on Ravelry. FOs: Ripple socksLittle Sock Arms baby sweaterWeekender sweater (pattern via Andrea…… Continue reading Episode 14: Sweater Parade!

Never-ending Laceweight

Oh man, the blog posts have been few and far between, even more neglected than the podcast since Nov 2019. Let’s dust off the cobwebs. So much has happened from late 2019 through the first half of 2020, but I’m not going to get into it again. All of your really should be up to…… Continue reading Never-ending Laceweight

Upcoming changes to the site

There will soon be a major overhaul redesign of The Perpetual Crafter site. I was never really satisfied with how the initial styling came out (graphic designer I am not…), and I have decided that it is too far gone for small changes here and there. The site may be unavailable for a few days…… Continue reading Upcoming changes to the site

Ep 12: All Hallows Eve…Eve! Soundtrack: Owl Woods, provided royalty free by Instagram : Ravelry Group: Etsy Shop: Active WIPs: Bramble Stripe Vanilla SocksPatons Kroy sock yarn, Bramble Stripes colorway Pebbles and Pathways Sock, by Marceline Smith (hey brown berry podcast)–pathways-socksAlex Creates Targhee Sock, Haunted House colorway A Simple Baby Pullover, by Erica…… Continue reading Ep 12: All Hallows Eve…Eve!

Episode 10: It’s Still Morning Soundtrack: High Octane, provided royalty free by Bensound: Instagram : Ravelry Group: Active WIPs: Ashburn Shawl, by Melanie Berg (Mairlynd) Gynx Yarns Power Sock, Fire Opal and The Cake is a Lie colorways Babs Hot Shot, Zing colorway Pullover, by Jennifer Owens, from Knitscene Summer 2019’ Designer Yarns…… Continue reading Episode 10: It’s Still Morning

Episode 09: A Small Milestone! Soundtrack: High Octane, provided royalty free by Bensound: Instagram : Ravelry Group: In this episode we celebrate a milestone for the podcast, 25 subscribers!  Active WIPs: Vanilla SocksRegia Design Line Pairfect by Arne & Carlos, 9139 Star Night colorway:–carlos Vanilla SocksPatons Kroy, Bramble Stripe colorwayAshburn Shawl, by Melanie Berg (Mairlynd)…… Continue reading Episode 09: A Small Milestone!