Magnum Opus? Maybe!

Magnum OpusNoun: a large and important work of art, music, or literature, especially one regarded as the most important work of an artist or writer. It’s done, FINALLY. It took just under a year to compete, there were quite a few stop and starts, a few fudges and pattern chart corrections, but. It. Is. Done.…… Continue reading Magnum Opus? Maybe!

Episode 004: What’s a Grange?

Episode 04: What’s a Grange? Soundtrack: High Octane, provided royalty free by Bensound: Instagram : Ravelry Group: Active WIPs: Weekender by Andrea MowryYarn, Classic Elite Yarns Legend, 3126 (Purple) time ever doing tubular Cast On, tubular bind off and 3 needle bind off!Sockhead hat by Kelly McCLure: the forgotten WIP!…… Continue reading Episode 004: What’s a Grange?

New and Continuing Adventures!

The past week has been VERY exciting! Sunday was Dez and my 6 year anniversary dating. We went for dinner at a very nice restaurant that makes their Alfredo sauce gluten free, (as a proper Alfredo should be anyway) and after dinner we had ice cream and watched some TV. He topped the night off…… Continue reading New and Continuing Adventures!